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Underwater Lamp

Underwater Lamp

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Introducing our captivating Underwater Effect Lamp, designed to evoke the tranquility of the ocean depths. Here's what makes it a standout addition to any space:


  • Light Effect: Dynamic water ripple
  • Power Supply Modes: Rechargeable via USB or plug-in for uninterrupted use
  • Light Source Type: Energy-efficient LED
  • Control Type: Touch and remote control for effortless operation
  • Color Temperature: Three color-changing lights or choose from 16 colors with the remote control
  • Touch Switch for convenient control
  • Transparent acrylic light body for a sleek and modern aesthetic

Package includes:

  • Lamp
  • Remote
  • Charging cable
  • Instructions

Experience the calming ambiance of an underwater paradise with our versatile and stylish Underwater Effect Lamp.

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