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Tunnel Cat Bed

Tunnel Cat Bed

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Introducing our Plush Cat Bed. The highlight? A Tunnel- designed to provide your furry friend with the ultimate cozy retreat.


  • Cozy Tunnel Design: Our plush cat/dog bed tunnel offers a snug and warm space for your pet to relax and snooze in comfort. 

  • Spacious Diameter: With a diameter of 31.5 inches (95cm), the large tube design provides enough space for your pet to play and explore.

  • Removable Washable Cushion: The removable and washable cushion ensures easy cleaning, keeping the tunnel bed fresh and hygienic for your pet. Simply toss the cushion in the washing machine for quick cleanup.

  • Space-Saving Storage: Our doughnut-shaped cat tunnel bed can be effortlessly folded and stored when not in use, saving space in your home. It's portable, which makes it convenient to bring along for travel or outdoor adventures.

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