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Smart Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Smart Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

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Hassle- free Pet care with our Smart Cat Litter Box! Self-cleaning and App controlled! 


  • Automatic Cleaning: Enjoy hands-free cleaning with automatic modes that keep your litter box clean without the need for constant scooping. Our one-click litter replacement function makes emptying old litter effortless.

  • Innovative Deodorization: Our litter box has an electronic Ionic deodorizer technology, eliminating odors without the need for consumables. It activates after each use, reducing unpleasant smells in your home.

  • Low Maintenance: Our litter box is spacious enough for up to 3 adult cats and requires less frequent litter changes. Plus, you can flush the litter cylinder for added convenience (base should not get wet).

  • APP Control: Connect and use the app for remote control, allowing you to clean the litter box from anywhere, even while traveling. Get usage data and notifications when the box is full, and customize cleaning modes to suit your needs.

  • Patented Structure Design: Inspired by lunar re-entry capsules, our litter box features a patented design that integrates the litter bin and cylinder, ensuring your cat's safety. The front-entry height is 5.9 inches, ideal for short-legged cats.

  • Versatile Compatibility: Our litter box is compatible with various types of cat litter, including plant litter, bentonite litter, and clay litter. 

Product Details:

  • Door Diameter: 24.5cm
  • Litter Capacity: 9L
  • Inner Space: 65L
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