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Menstrual Pain Reliever

Menstrual Pain Reliever

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Tired of unbearable period cramps? Introducing our innovative Menstrual Heating Pad Abdominal Massager, a smart solution designed to provide gentle warmth and targeted massage therapy for effective relief from period pain and discomfort. This Heating Pad offers comprehensive care for your uterus, stomach, waist and abdomen.


  • Intelligent Palace Warmer Belt: Experience soothing warmth and comfort with our multifunctional palace warmer belt. 

  • PI Metal Heating + Far-Infrared Hot Compress: Enjoy rapid relief with our advanced heating technology. With a quick 3-second heating time and a large heating area, it effectively disperses cold and alleviates menstrual pain with continuous, even heat distribution.

  • Customizable Temperature and Vibration Settings: Tailor your therapy experience with three temperature settings (50°C, 55°C, 60°C) and four vibration intensity levels. 

  • Enhanced Blood Circulation and Metabolism: Our device promotes healthy blood circulation and metabolism, addressing multiple concerns such as backache from prolonged sitting and lumbar pain. Experience relief and rejuvenation with targeted therapy that addresses your body's needs.


  • Gear: 4 Strength Gear & 3 Heating Gear
  • Power: 10 W

Package Includes:

  • Massage Machine
  • USB Cable
  • Packing Cloth Bag
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